Deconstructed is a commissioned photography project about the industrial zones of Vilnius.

I was asked by Plazma architects ( to make a series of photographs for their new urban-themed hotel project. After considering many ideas we decided to explore industrial side of Vilnius – the one that would be the most difficult to explore for a random resident. It took a few months to create a final selection of 10 images.

First of all I wanted to distance this project away from the usual, dirty industry. I’ve wandered in those industrial areas before so I knew that there’re plenty of aesthetic visual exclusivities like expressive colours and forms. Areas are also very secluded so I tried to put some of a mystery and utopia in every single image.

On the first days of shooting I’ve faced some private-area issues, so I immediately moved a project to a new, more difficult level.

I decided to construct the images from separate but real fragments. After printing the test prints it turned out that the original resolution is way too low for 2 meters prints. So I shot every single fragment in parts (something like Brenizer method), merge them and lastly create a final composition from separate fragments.

All places in the images are non-existent. Those are the concentrated reflections of Vilnius’ industry as I see it.

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